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August 18, 2008

SURVEY: If a tree falls down In the forest and no ones there to hear it, does it make a sound?

I'm preparing a post about film distribution, so don't think I'm crazy, I just want to know your opinion about this old question before I write my post. So please, leave your comment.


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Dude, I'm not egocentric or anything, but if I'm a fucking tree and I fall down, you bet I make some fucking noise!
Me and my tree homies think that if a human being falls in the middle of some trees, he don't make no sound.
So there.

no man... no sound whatsoever.. for something to be heard there has to be someone to hear it. if there is a movie playing in an empty movie theater, is there really a movie... no... with out an audience there is no movie...

Of course there's a sound, no one hears it, but there's a sound. We have to stop thinking the world revolves around us. When we're not around the world keeps on going, weather we hear it or not.

Of course this is a query best left to the great thinkers. Humbly, I answer, “Yes there is a noise.” The forest, by its very nature, is teeming with life forces. I here “no one” and think the implied “no one person.” Certainly the life of the ecosystem bears witness to the tree’s demise. The greater philosophical thing that hits me is the question: “Does the unobserved thing matter?” If an artist has an unrealized vision, an unspoken poem or unmade film is he an artist still? I say no.

It definately makes noise. The fact that no human detects it can't defy teh most basic rules of physics. All the cracking and bumbing will produce vibrations and therefore decybell or whatever you call them in english.

If you want me to interpret it on a scientific way, yes... It makes a sound even if no human being is around to hear it, as someone said previously the world goes on even without us humans... The question is if I were a tree why the fuck would I be on the middle of the forest and not on a public park were everyone can see me? I know sometimes "as a tree" you don't have a choice but if I want my sound to be heard I will try to move even if it is impossible, hell I would even fall over an old lady and her poodle so it's eve more dramatic and the sound more controversial

Define "No One"? That is the real question. If you want the trees opinion as to the sound it makes speak to the tree or the other trees that surround it. They are better equipped to answer the question of sound. Listen and see what the trees says to you, but then come to think of it...why would you want a tree to fall and why is a tree only noticed when it falls?

it makes a sound...

Ahí te va en español.
La respuesta a esta pregunta depende de quién juzgue. Un filósofo inglés, llamado George Berkeley, afirmó en un texto el sinsentido de creer que tal árbol produciría un sonido si este no era percibido. Berkeley creía que las cosas existen sólo en la medida en la que son percibidas y, por lo tanto, no tienen una existencia propia sino una dependiente de un sujeto activo que les perciba.
A mí, en lo personal, esa opinión no me cuadra del todo. Creo que el árbol en efecto producirá un sonido que nadie podrá escuchar, pero esa es sólo mi humilde opinión.

no suena y si un hombre vive sin que nadie lo sepa tampoco esta vivo es el testigo el que hace al hecho no el hecho al testigo
humilde opinion pero fuerte

No sé, a mi me parece un poco tonto decir que si un hombre vive sin que nadie lo sepa se puede inferir que no está vivo... pero ahí entramos en un terreno distinto al asunto del árbol, ya que el hombre es un ser que percibe y un ser al que percibir al mismo tiempo, por tanto puede percibirse a sí mismo. No sé si Berkeley estaría de acuerdo conmigo, no lo tengo muy claro.
En todo caso sigo pensando que las cosas tienen una existencia propia más allá del que sean percibidas o no, llevándole un poco la contraria a Berkeley, pero recuerdo que esa es sólo mi humilde opinión.

Pequeños saltamontes:el honorable árbol que cae en el bosque solitario hace ruido pero no se escucha.La película realizada que no se necuentra con su público recibe el sonido de una palmada dada con una sola mano...
Meditad en esto,pequeños padawans...

corrección: quería decir "encuentra" en lugar de "necuentra".Este humilde monje se equivoca con frecuencia...

El sonido es una sensación que se produce en los oídos. Si un árbol cae en un bosque despoblado de cualquier criatura con órgano de la audición, no se producirá ningún sonido.

Y si el río suena... es porque tenemos la capacidad física de escucharlo.

I've actually been in the forest (there's really only one) when the trees didn't know I was there; I was really drunk the night before (don't ask) and had walked aimlessly and passed out soundlessly under a bush (of course, the bush knew I was there, but the bushes and the trees don't talk to each other - it's a long story going back to the invention of the printing press -- again, don't ask . . .). Anyhoo, when it comes down to it, no matter what IMDb says, I'm really a noone, and when I saw that tree fall, mind you, WITH NO SOUND DISCERNIBLE BY MY EARS (which have no apparent defect, except for the fact that they are attached - at least temporarily - to this head), noone indeed heard nothing.

It’s unequivocal, there is sound!. Now, does this mean a human needs to qualify it, I think not. Once again another case of self-importance bestowed on man by man. Let’s suppose “no one” is there but something, IE: a recording device is…? Aaaaah, there you have it!

No sound , no reaction. Still people might see the tree on the ground but it won't have the same impact as when its falling down.

Sí que hace ruido. No importa si no hay nada-nadie-ningun-nada-cero-vacío alrededor. Suena pum!. Eso es una certeza. Si no, haz la prueba, deja una grabadora y asegurate de que no hay nadie. Vuelve por la grabadora y dale play...pero no lo hagas con un arbol que cada vez hay menos jeje..

firt it goes 'slam'

then, on the end of the slam

you hear a 'splat'

as the last unicorn becomes that mess under the tree that fell when noone was around


Thank you all for your honest comments, here what I found in wikipedia about this matter:

Can something exist without being perceived? "Sound is only sound if a person hears it"
The most immediate philosophical topic that the riddle introduces involves the existence of the tree (and its sound) outside of human perception. If no one is around to see, hear, touch or smell the tree, how could its existence occur? What is it to say that it exists when such an existence avoids all knowing? George Berkeley in the 18th century developed subjective idealism, a metaphysical theory to respond to these questions, coined famously as "to be is to be perceived". Today metaphysicians are split. According to substance theory, a substance is distinct from its properties. According to bundle theory, an object is merely its sense data.

I'll blog about this over the weekend, of course, in the field of Guerrilla Filmmaking.

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