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August 09, 2008

YOU ARE A GUERRILLA FILMMAKER! you just need to realize it

The Balloon Project: Berlin from Disposable Film Festival on Vimeo.

Do you have a cellphone that takes video? Do you own a point and shoot camera? How many concerts had you taped with your camera or your phone without permission? You see? you were stealing shots, you are a Guerrilla Filmmaker, specifically a Disposable Filmmaker

In 2006, Julio Rojas, one of the most prolific Chilean screenwriters, created the movement Film and Run, basically  life is your set:  you take a script, any device that can record video, a few actors and regular citizens (non-actors) as supporting characters, of course, without them knowing it... Imagine the concept of a candid camera but applied to narrative films.

I would say that Film and Run launched the concept of what we know now as Disposable Films.

  • In recent years a new kind of film has emerged: The Disposable Film. It has been made possible by new media (webcams, point and shoot digital cameras, cell phones, screen capture software, and one time use digital video cameras) and the rise of online distribution (YouTube, Google, MySpace, Vimeo, etc.). These films are often made quickly, casually, and sometimes even unintentionally. Everyone has become a Disposable Filmmaker: directors of Saturday night cell phone videos, actors under the eyes of security cameras, and narrators before their webcams. Let's face it - we live in an age of disposable film. Now it's time to do something creative with it.

Well guess what in 2007 was created the Disposable Film Festival and if you have a disposable short film, you still have time to submit it since the deadline is August 31st.

  • The Disposable Film Festival was created in 2007 to celebrate the artistic potential of disposable video: short films made on non-professional devices such as one-time use video cameras, cell phones, point and shoot cameras, webcams, computer screen capture software, and other readily available video capture devices. With people everywhere posting videos online, we felt the time was right to draw attention to the creative potential of this new mode of filmmaking. Far beyond its initial roles for video blogging and documentation, the DFF offers a forum to display how disposable media can be used for creative purposes.  The DFF hosts screenings, competitions, and other events to showcase the best work within the disposable genre.

    We want your Disposable Films. So, shoot 'em, cut 'em, and send them in.


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