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September 01, 2008

NO BUDGET, NO PROBLEM Independent Film Week.


The IFP brings again the Independent Film Week between September 14th and 19th in NYC. With dozens of panels but only a handful designed to the Guerrilla Film Community I feel that we need our own Guerrilla Film Week, so while I plan this GFW that could take quite some time I will leave you here with the three panels that I think could be helpful for the Guerrilla Filmmakers out there...

Niche Marketing Tools As an audience for films become more segmented, how do savvy distributors, marketing execs and publicists suggest independent filmmakers build buzz for niche films, particularly online and through the use of alternative new media technologies, before their films hit the marketplace.

No Budget, No Problem How can filmmakers utilize new technologies to get their next project budgeted, developed and completed -for less time and money? Hear how filmmakers around the world are actively using new technology and innovative cross-platform collaboration for creative and financial gain to get their big ideas with small budgets off the ground and out to global audiences.

DIY Distribution: Art House & Alternative Venue Programming As audiences for films become more segmented, how can filmmakers work directly with art house and alternative venue programmers to showcase their latest content and bring audience back to the theaters? This session will bring together DIY filmmakers and programmers to discuss what works best to market, position and program independent films in art house theaters and alternative venues to maximize financial impact for both parties.


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Thank you for this post We share the opinion on it and I really enjoy reading your article.

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Thank you for this post We share the opinion on it and I really enjoy reading your article.

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