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December 19, 2008


Well I know I've been lax about writing here, but again that's what happen when a filmmaker decides to start a blog, when he's in production is a little intermittent, but believe me I'm learning so much that I can't wait to share all the experiences with you guys.

For now I want to invite you to watch the teaser of my next feature film, if you like what you see, you can favorite it, rate it, comment on it, that would help us to get some honors on youtube, like #32 Most Viewed video on Film & Animation category, and that would allow us to get featured, driving more people to our teaser and ultimately to our movie.


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Wow this looks intense. Very impressive, the opening shot with the girl walking down the stairs into the subway station is fantastically done. Also enjoyed the close-up on the train doors as they shut and the sounds you used, made me jump a little!

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