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January 22, 2009


Oscar Warm-Up: Melissa Leo: My Body as 'Instrument'

I told you back in August 2008 about this little film and about Melissa Leo, at that moment I expressed that her performance was one of the best in the year so far.

At the beginning of December 2008, after the Independent Spirit Awards nominations, I said, and I'm going to quote myself: "I'm smelling an Oscar nod for her role". After the Golden Globes I was a little disappointed because Frozen River didn't get any nominations, but this morning I wake up to realize that Melissa Leo is up for an Oscar as Best Actress in a Leading Role and FIRST TIME DIRECTOR AND WRITER Courtney Hunt is up in the Original Screenplay Category.

Since this Guerrilla Corner, congratulations to them! and kudos to the member of the Academy that at least this time, were fair.

January 08, 2009

CRASH THE SUPER BOWL! Get to go to the Big Game while supporting a filmmaker


Ok here's the deal. This Supe Bowl, Doritos is giving people nationwide a chance to have their commercial aired during the Big Game. As an added bonus, they are giving away $ 1,000,000 if the spot takes #1 on the USA TODAY Ad Meter.

My friend Nic Chatfield was one of the filmmakers that submited his idea and now his spot "Power of the Crunch" is in the TOP 5, out of 1900 entries.

So why don't you vote for this spot, by the way, the funniest out of the 5 finalists.  remember the name is THE POWER OF THE CRUNCH, a power that can even get women naked and transform cops into monkeys!

Every vote is an entry for Super Bowl tickets (valued at $10k) and you can vote once per day till the 25th of January.

Vote everyday and spread the word!