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May 29, 2009

A PROJECTORPHONE! Finally will be here soon!

The Pomegranate Phone will start a revolution... a phone capable to project films, brew coffee, it's a shaver and an harmonica?

You'll think I'm crazy right?, well check it out!

May 06, 2009



Massify and Killer Films (Boys Don't Cry, Kids, Far From Heaven) have joined forces to create a provocative and humorous short film developed entirely through the Massify production network. At the forefront of independent cinema, Killer is looking for an outsider's story, the kind you don't normally hear about. But this project really belongs to you, because you're going to make it happen - from the concept, through production, cast, crew, and post - everything will be done by members of the Massify community. And before production begins, we need to find someone to take the reins. So if you're a filmmaker with a great story, pitch your concept now.

  •   If you're a director with a great idea, please submit the following:
  •   Title (30 characters max)
  •   Logline (160 characters max)
  •   Synopsis (4,000 characters max)
  •   Pitch Video (120 seconds max)
  •   Script (5-15 pages)

What is Massify?

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