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July 25, 2009

OPEN FIVE or how to make a movie out of donations!

If you don't know how Craig Brewer is... well, is the Director of the indie hit Hustle and Flow.
In this video he's recommending Team Picture, first feature of Kentucker Audley who is right know raising donations for his upcoming production OPEN FIVE.

I've been talking to the producer of the film Nick Case because ladies and gents I already sent my donation. I really trust Kentucker and Nick work and vision and this donation concept is so unique that I couldn't let it pass. They are looking for only $8.000 and they are half way through, so if you want to get involve, just click away!

They are also throwing a Fundraising Party next Thursday, if you are in the Memphis Area and you want have a blast while supporting OPEN FIVE, mark down Thursday July 30th at the prestigious Minglewood Hall starting at 7:00 PM with live music by STAR & MICEY + a Silent Auction of Memphis Items. Tickets go on sale Monday online or purchase at the door.

Your donations go directly to cover their production expenses. You will help pay the cast and crew, cover travel expenses, acquire necessary insurance and permits, and secure some really cool locations.

Their goal is for every person who donates to be a part of the film, which is why the are offering the following exclusive THANK YOU GIFTS for your online contribution.






You will receive an email within 1 week of your contribution with a request for your contact information if necessary for your gift.


EMILY, an articulate, emotionally mature, young NY woman, and her spontaneous friend LIZA, take an ill-fated weekend trip to Memphis, TN. 

Originally intended as a romantic tryst, the trip turns complicated--the time between buying the plane ticket and the actual trip has seen EMILY become more involved in a relationship in NY.

The man in Memphis is JAKE, a NY transplant living as a musician and temporary maid.

While EMILY and JAKE work it out, JAKE's friend in Memphis, KENTUCKER, and LIZA hit it off.

The Dudes

Kentucker Audley (Director/Actor) is 27 and lives in Memphis. OPEN FIVE is his third feature. He was named one of the '25 New Faces of Independent Film' in 2007 by Filmmaker Magazine, as well being shortlisted for an 2009 Independent Spirit Award. His first feature TEAM PICTURE screened at numerous film festivals worldwide, and was included as part of the Harvard Film Archives 'New American Independent Films', as well as the IFC Center's series of 'Generation D.I.Y: New Talkies'. TEAM PICTURE is now released on DVD through Benten Films. His second feature, HOLY LAND is currently in post-production.

Jake Rabinbach (Writer/Actor) was born in New York City and attended Wesleyan University. He plays lead guitar in the burgeoning New York buzz band FRANCIS AND LIGHTS. In the summer of 2006, Jake moved to Memphis, TN and formed his own band, the Rhythm and Blues infused rock and roll band, JUMP BACK JAKE. In December 2008, they released their debut album Brooklyn Hustle/Memphis Muscle on Ardent Records. Jake is currently dividing his time between Memphis and New York, playing with both bands and working on new music.

The Chicks

Shannon Esper is a stage and screen actress living in Queens, NY. She was last seen on stage as Donna in A DREAMER EXAMINES HIS PILLOW. Past NY credits include Debbie in FACE DIVIDED by Edward Allen Baker at Times Square Arts Center and Jessica in THIS IS OUR YOUTH at The Medicine Show Theater. She is a recent graduate of The William Esper Studio's full-time two-year acting training program. She grew up in NJ, moved to NYC for high school, attended Bowdoin College and graduated from Wesleyan University where she majored in Classics. She has lived in Australia and Bangladesh.

Genevieve Angelson is an actress living in Brooklyn. She plays Heather Watkins on the television show ARMY WIVES the most popular cable TV show among women in the US. Genevieve attended Wesleyan University where she majored in Film Studies and wrote her senior thesis on the films of Terrence Malick. She trained at the William Esper Studio, and will begin her M.F.A in Acting at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts in the fall of 2009. She finds inspiration in great adventurers, fireworks, carnivals and Bruce Springsteen.

Amy Seimetz is an actress living in Los Angeles, CA. She starred in Joe Swanberg's ALEXANDER THE LAST and is the co-writer/director of the short films WE SAW SUCH THINGS and ROUND TOWN GIRLS. Amy produced MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY, which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in 2008 and was nominated for three Independent Spirit Awards as well as a Gotham Award. Amy was recently chosen to participate in the IFP Filmmaker Lab for her feature CITY ON A HILL.

Director Kentucker Audley's Statement

Open Five is a story about young relationships, but it isn't myopic: it exists embedded intensely in the thick culture of Memphis, TN.

Neither an outsider's take on Memphis, as in Jim Jarmusch's MYSTERY TRAIN, nor a insider glimpse, as in Craig Brewer's HUSTLE & FLOW. Rather, it's a hybrid, showing Memphis from both sides. Through the eyes of two young Memphis artists hosting two New York women's first trip to the south. It's a weekend double-date in Memphis.

It aims to be a new defining portrait of Memphis, the most realistic picture of Memphis to date, particularly focusing on the living tradition of modern Memphis musicians and filmmakers.

As well as being distinctly local, the film also brings together internationally recognized crew. The film's director of photography is Joe Swanberg, the highly influential young filmmaker, and figurehead of the mumblecore film movement,
which the New York Times calls the "sole significant American movement in the last 20 years." He has directed the films NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS, HANNAH TAKES THE STAIRS, as well as the new film, ALEXANDER THE LAST.

Writer Jake Rabinbach's Statement:

OPEN FIVE is my love letter to Memphis as an outsider allowed to live on the inside. As a musician from New York City living and playing in Memphis, my relationship to the city has always been one of searching----searching for the best and most authentic live rhythm and blues music, the best barbecue, the best places to swim in the middle of the night, the right rhythm section for my particular brand of Yankee-Dixie Rock and Roll music, and of course the right audience to play it for. Some of it came easy and some of it I’m still searching for, a fitting experience considering Memphis is a place defined both by incredible ease and undeniable struggle. 

Though this film revolves primarily on the relationships between four young men and women who are not from Memphis, we want to tell a story in which the simultaneous beauty and disillusionment of these relationships will reflect the hardness and the resulting cultural richness of the city Memphis. 

Few films about young relationships base them in any cultural context, and this one will focus particularly on the meaning of regionalism in America in this time of strip malls and homogeneity. Showing Memphis in a dynamic, vibrant way, including its most visually interesting locations---bars, parks, clubs, strips---will encourage more outsiders to come and search for love, music and the unfamiliar in this great city.

PAPER MOON FILMS, LLC is a Memphis-based film production company, recently co-founded by Nick Case and Ryan Watt, to increase the visibility of talented local artists.

Nick Case produced Cam Archer’s WILD TIGERS I HAVE KNOWN, which premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. Gus Van Sant was the executive producer and TIGERS was distributed through IFC Films. Nick also produced Archer’s second feature SHIT YEAR starring Ellen Barkin, which is in post-production. His other previous work includes Leonardo DiCaprio’s environmental documentary 11TH HOUR, which premiered at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. Nick graduated from Ole Miss with a degree in Marketing. 

Ryan Watt is the executive producer of DAYLIGHT FADES, the latest feature film by Old School Pictures, currently in post-production. He also serves as the Director of Marketing at New School Media Group, specializing in marketing solutions that utilize video and audio production. Securas Consulting Group acquired his technology firm Metro Backup in 2006, where he served as Director of Marketing until late 2008. Ryan graduated from the University of Tennessee—Knoxville with a degree in Marketing.


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Sounds like a cool concept, I am thinking about doing it for some short films I have in the works - 5 films in 5 days. Wish me luck & thanks for the post

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Your donations go directly to cover their production expenses. You will help pay the cast and crew, cover travel expenses, acquire necessary insurance and permits, and secure some really cool locations.

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