December 11, 2009

THE ULTIMATE GUERRILLA WORKSHOP. Guerrilla Film League: Class of 2010 is open for registration


Nine months ago, Javier and I were having some drinks with a few friends. Among the crowd there was this red hair aspiring filmmaker who asked this, the minute she learned that we were producers, "Would you recommend me to get into film school?" We hear that question a lot, so the answer was automatic, "If you have the money, film school is a way to get into the film world, but if you're going to get into a humongous debt to do it, our recommendation is that you get your hands on some money, find an experienced  producer, read some books, talk to some filmmakers and go shoot your first feature, that experience is as good as 2 years of film school, and you'll have a feature". She gave us that skeptic, but also familiar look, and said "Really?"

After that conversation we decided to create the Guerrilla Film League, and paradoxically, took us nine months to design the best way to do this...

Without further ado... we present you: Guerrilla Film League: Class of 2010...

Guerrilla Filmmaking is not just a style or a production philosophy. It is a craft within itself, which can be learned and taught!

Veteran Guerrilla Filmmakers Javier Perez-Karam and Leonard Zelig, have taken the challenge to teach the art and craft of making a guerrilla film. They have created the Guerrilla Film League, and the idea is to produce one amazing feature movie with a low-budget in a creatively open guerrilla environment.

The Guerrilla Film League: Class of 2010 will create a feature film that will connect 6 stories inside a Motel where a killing is about to take place.

Leonard and Javier have successfully produced several guerrilla projects: shorts, features, and documentaries. They have always challenged the traditional methods of making movies, as well as pushing the limits of what is possible in film with very little money available.

This ideology brought forth the idea, to once again, push the limits. This time workshopping a full team of talented first time directors and producers, to give them the chance to be part of this “open creation feature.”

The hard work of the 6 directors and the 6 producers collaborating in this workshop, will result in a completed feature film, directed and produced by all 12 participants, with the support of the instructors.

The participants will also be involved in the postproduction process, which will be guided by Zelig and Perez-Karam. Later on they will be involved in the distribution phase as well.

So muster up your courage and apply to the Guerrilla Film League: Class of 2010, and claim your guerrilla identity!



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