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October 21, 2010

"OPEN FIVE" STREAMIERE IS TONIGHT! For a very limited time.

A little over a year ago we blogged about "Open Five" and how they were funding their film out of donations, well, it's showtime now!

Tonight at 10:00 pm E.T. the film will be streaming at Kentucker Audley's Website for free, while simultaneously is being screened at the OPENING NIGHT at the Indie Memphis Film Festival.

The movie is being in the festival circuit since April, participating in the Atlanta Film Festival and Indie Grits Festival, among others.

"The first film of the new decade in more dimensions than three. With it comes the feeling, at last and all over again, that the cinema's finally free."

                                                                     Craig Keller - cinemasparragus.com

Nick Case (Producer) did great with the guerrilla budget of $18,000.

Do you want to know what Richard Brody from the New Yorker said about the movie? Keep reading!


by Richard Brody

Streaming video democratizes the release of films. Tomorrow night at 9 P.M. C.T. (10 P.M. E.T.) Kentucker Audley’s film “Open Five” will be screened at the Indie Memphis Film Festival—and will, at that time, become available (“for a limited time,” the press release says) on the director’s own Web site. I very much liked his first feature, “Team Picture,” in which Audley also stars as an easy-going but quietly impassioned Memphis musician struggling with money, art, and love (the great “mumblecore” trio)—as well as with family ties and the pressure they apply, and with the rich local atmosphere, which inspires and awes as it also intimidates. Audley has a sense of place, and place is the subject of “Open Five.” It’s the story of Jake (the musician Jake Rabinbach), a young Memphis rocker inching his way into recognition, who, in New York, meets Lucy (Shannon Esper), a young actress, and lures her down to Memphis for a visit. She arrives with her friend Rose (Genevieve Angelson), also an actress and blogger, who, while there, has an affair with the rocker’s friend, Kentucker (played by Audley), an independent filmmaker.


“Open Five” is a loamy, bittersweet ramble through the emotional and practical tangles of its young artists’ lives, as well as through the inner and outer life of Memphis itself, with its vigorous musical scene and its gospel churches and Graceland itself. It’s only sixty-three minutes long, and it could well have been longer, since its characters have plenty to say about their lives and their dreams; as it is, the film is cut to the contours of their actions and decisions. On the other hand, the clipped precision of its meandering scenes suggests an artistic transformation—both Audley’s and one in the “mumblecore” aesthetic itself. “Open Five” was shot by Joe Swanberg, who is one of the world’s most important (or how about just “best”) young directors and whose camera work on his own films has become one of their signal delights. (I had the privilege of interviewing him, together with the actress and director Greta Gerwig and the director Andrew Bujalski, at the New Yorker Festival several weeks ago.) The images of “Open Five,” with their distinctive graphic clarity and spareness, do a great deal of the expressing: by crystallizing the shambling characters and unstable situations into compact, pressurized images, Audley both reasserts a classical balance between performance and dramatic abstraction and—as Swanberg himself did last year in “Alexander the Last”—links his local, personal, naturalistic storytelling to the high strain of cinematic modernism. “Open Five” should be distributed and made available on a big screen at a local movie theatre; in any case, its free online presence is a rare gift.

Photograph courtesy of Paper Moon Films.



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