May 14, 2011

GUERRILLA FILMMAKER? THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT (Actually, there are several)

By @DanielaPeinado / Edited by @leonardzelig


In this era of information is hard to find someone who’s not dependent on their smart phone, actually if you forget your cellphone at home, you feel like you are disconnected from the world, like you’re missing your social life. The point is, cellphones are more than just a digital way to communicate.

There is a world of applications that you can use on your phone as an extension of your computer. We want to bring you some information about apps designed specifically for Filmmakers.

You might have heard about ReelDirector, with this app you can edit your projects on your iPhone or iPad, even add musical background and upload it on YouTube.

If you want to write on the go, CeltxScript, the great open source suite, have an app for you. Write on any location, add ideas to your script and it will be automatically sync with your Celtx account.

But you might be thinking, what else? Well, here’s more. Storyboard Composer is another tool for those with drawing skills or not!, and it allows you preview your story on your phone and show it to anyone anywhere.


If you are a Prodecer, guess what? Yes, Producer is out there for you. You can estimate your costs of props, locations, equipment and others.

Now that DSLR are ruling Artemis Director’s Viewfinder allows you to choose your camera, aspect ratio and a list of lenses to compose shots with the same field of view as the lenses you will be shooting with.

Another useful app is iSlate, a portable digital clapper board to set your timecodes.

And for your actors!, the Rehearsal app, is the best way to take the script with you and practice and read it every time. You can highlihgt your script, black t your lines when you're memorizing and many many more.

Pocket Callsheet is an easy way to organize the crew and cast by a daily digital report, informing the requirements for the next shot.

There are a lot, so here a list of it:

Script Pro



DSLR Slate

Action Log Pro






KODAK Cinema Tools

In fact, you have apps for almost any role in the film industry. By using this apps you can take advantage of technology by optimizing your time, without limiting creativity and portability. 



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Thank you for this post We share the opinion on it and I really enjoy reading your article.

Thank you for this post We share the opinion on it and I really enjoy reading your article.

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