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August 15, 2008


No money is not a problem anymore, actually, since the arrive of MiniDV the number of independent films has increased enormously. The new technology allows pretty much everybody to make a film. Now, how many of them are good? I would say a few of them. The trailer above is from the film Quiet City, made with a budget of $2,500 distributed theatrically by 600 West Productions. Narrates the story of Jamie a 21 years old  from Atlanta. She's come to Brooklyn to visit her friend Samantha, but she can't find her. Jamie tries calling, but Samantha's phone is dead. Jamie meets Charlie when she asks him for directions. Nothing to do and nothing but time leads them to bowls of coleslaw, footraces in the park, art shows, and after parties. The movie was released very limited (Just one theater) but it made $15,500 in box office that's a profit of 620 % against its budget, to give you an idea The Dark Knight needs to make more than a billion to have numbers like that. Quiet City also got a DVD deal so, it was a fantastic experience.

I'm a believer that if you have a fantastic story that can be made under ultra low budget circumstances, you will have success and the prove of that is the anti-movement MUMBLECORE, and I say anti-movement because according to Filmmaker Magazine "the filmmakers in this movement don’t want to be grouped into any kind of movement at all"

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July 29, 2008

Did you miss going to the Drive-in? Create your own Guerrilla one

Mobmov I really love the experience of watching a movie outdoors, but the amount of Drive-in around the world decrease every year, however, Bryan Kennedy became a Film Vigilante and decided to grab his car, a projector, an inverter and a FM Transmitter to create a Guerrilla Drive-in.

Right now this idea evolve in an international network of Guerrilla Drive-in called MobMov (Mobile Movie). It is an outbreak, a good one, that’s spreading everywhere: United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Philippines, New Zealand, Mexico, Latvia, Italy, Indonesia, India, Hungary, Holland, Haiti, Germany, France, Denmark, Costa Rica, Colombia, Canada, Bulgaria, Brazil, Australia and Argentina.

So if you don’t see your country, action! and if you see your area join up this fantastic idea.

Here I leave you some FAQ’s about MobMov.

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