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October 18, 2011

GUERRILLA FROM MAINSTREAM: Terranova uses painted #NERF guns as props

GUERRILLA FROM MAINSTREAM: Terranova uses painted #NERF guns as props

May 27, 2011



By @DanielaPeinado

During this Memorial Day Weekend, SnagFilms is donating $1 per “tweet” or “like” to support the nation’s army who served our country in Iraq and Afghanistan wars. A lot of men and women put their lives on the line every day to preserve our country’s peace and collaborate trying to find the best way to end the war. In this opportunity, social media is the tool to say thanks just by clicking this video.


May 14, 2011

GUERRILLA FILMMAKER? THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT (Actually, there are several)

By @DanielaPeinado / Edited by @leonardzelig


In this era of information is hard to find someone who’s not dependent on their smart phone, actually if you forget your cellphone at home, you feel like you are disconnected from the world, like you’re missing your social life. The point is, cellphones are more than just a digital way to communicate.

There is a world of applications that you can use on your phone as an extension of your computer. We want to bring you some information about apps designed specifically for Filmmakers.

You might have heard about ReelDirector, with this app you can edit your projects on your iPhone or iPad, even add musical background and upload it on YouTube.

If you want to write on the go, CeltxScript, the great open source suite, have an app for you. Write on any location, add ideas to your script and it will be automatically sync with your Celtx account.

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December 11, 2009

THE ULTIMATE GUERRILLA WORKSHOP. Guerrilla Film League: Class of 2010 is open for registration


Nine months ago, Javier and I were having some drinks with a few friends. Among the crowd there was this red hair aspiring filmmaker who asked this, the minute she learned that we were producers, "Would you recommend me to get into film school?" We hear that question a lot, so the answer was automatic, "If you have the money, film school is a way to get into the film world, but if you're going to get into a humongous debt to do it, our recommendation is that you get your hands on some money, find an experienced  producer, read some books, talk to some filmmakers and go shoot your first feature, that experience is as good as 2 years of film school, and you'll have a feature". She gave us that skeptic, but also familiar look, and said "Really?"

After that conversation we decided to create the Guerrilla Film League, and paradoxically, took us nine months to design the best way to do this...

Without further ado... we present you: Guerrilla Film League: Class of 2010...

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July 25, 2009

OPEN FIVE or how to make a movie out of donations!

If you don't know how Craig Brewer is... well, is the Director of the indie hit Hustle and Flow.
In this video he's recommending Team Picture, first feature of Kentucker Audley who is right know raising donations for his upcoming production OPEN FIVE.

I've been talking to the producer of the film Nick Case because ladies and gents I already sent my donation. I really trust Kentucker and Nick work and vision and this donation concept is so unique that I couldn't let it pass. They are looking for only $8.000 and they are half way through, so if you want to get involve, just click away!

They are also throwing a Fundraising Party next Thursday, if you are in the Memphis Area and you want have a blast while supporting OPEN FIVE, mark down Thursday July 30th at the prestigious Minglewood Hall starting at 7:00 PM with live music by STAR & MICEY + a Silent Auction of Memphis Items. Tickets go on sale Monday online or purchase at the door.

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February 13, 2009

Luis Cerezo's "C@staways" is ON

C@staways from Guerrilla-Filmmaking on Vimeo.

I decided not to write the review, that could influence people to watch it. Since is our first time as online exhibitor, I would like to see how the world of mouth is going to play out here. But believe me, since August 2008 we're been trying to find a movie like this and a director willing to allow us to experiment, so Luis, we're very thankful to you for allow us to do the Internet World Premiere of "C@staways".

I hope you enjoy the film, leave your comments, good or bad, and recommend the film to your friends if you like it and to your enemies if you don't.

More info about Luis Cerezo at http://www.luiscerezo.net

February 11, 2009

TO SHOOT GUERRILLA STYLE YOU NEED TO WRITE GUERRILLA SCRIPTS: Exclusive Interview with Luis Cerezo, director of C@staways

Trailer C@staways  from Luís Cerezo on Vimeo.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Luis Cerezo, a guerrilla filmmaker from Spain, inviting me to write a post about the internet release of his movie N@ufragos (C@staways). I told him, why you don't send me the movie and maybe I can write a review about it.

I saw the movie, it's so interesting that I offer him to show it through this blog, it's about a group of people that show their intimacy in the internet for money without realizing that they are about to lose control of their own lives. So this Friday the 13tht, for the first time, Guerrilla Filmmaking will air in exclusive, Luis Cerezo's film, only for 10 days. I'm writing the review that would be ready for the day of the premiere.

As part of this event I interviewed Luis and this is what he said about the process of doing this film with $40,000 and more than 100 locations:

GF: How you developed the idea of the film?

LC: I decided to make a film so I spent the whole summer writing a script that I didn't liked it. One night I went to my bed and I said to myself "you're gonna be here until you have a great idea". I start thinking about snuff movies, I imagine how would that be in real time, I imagine people getting together to do atrocities and people watching it online.

GF: How you convinced the talent and the crew to work for free?

LC: Oh! I offer to divide the profit of the film equally among everybody. The crew was conformed for recent graduates from film school, their experience was running around with coffee in biggest sets, so this was an opportunity to do something more challenging.

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December 01, 2008

PACK YOUR BAGS! tripfilms.com

Over a month ago, right before I started the crazyness with subHysteria, I met with Jamay Liu and Tony Cheng from Tripfilms.

The meeting took place in their unique office located in the east village: "Gramstand Cafe", a cute little place with full WiFi internet connection.  It allows the six people team from Tripfilms to use their place as headquarters.

Tripfilms is... I’ve to stop here, only to preface that something so avant-garde that does not have real competition is difficult yet easy to explain.  Trip Films is the ultimate video reference for the out of ordinary tourist.  For that person that is not only interested in the mainstream landmarks, but is also eager to extend their experience to those hidden and underrated places that are out of the flyers’ kiosk in every city hotel. They start every video with a "Travel Quote", no wonder their tagline is Travel Inspired, it couldn’t be better. I am one of those travelers that really enjoys to live my adventure as a local, and right now, I’ve to say, thanks to Tripfilms, it is really simple. The best thing is that you can find all the mainstream attractions and landmarks without leaving the site, also.

At this point you’re maybe asking yourself “Ok, nice. What this has to do with guerrilla filmmaking? Let me show you an excerpt of how they get their videos!

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November 21, 2008

I'M BACK with a guerrilla film!

subHysteria is in post-production, so now I can take some time to get back to the blogsphere. Here I'll present you the un-official teaser of subHysteria. Starting Monday we'll get back in track with the Guerrilla Film World.

October 09, 2008

NIGHT & WEEKENDS in Theaters tomorrow!

I'm sorry I've been a little distant from the blog lately, I've been really busy with the pre-production of my next feature subHysteria, but I couldn't pass the chance to let you know that Night & Weekends, the new film from director Joe Swanberg, this time co-directing with actor Greta Gerwig, it's opening tomorrow at IFC Theaters. This is the 4th no-budget film from Swanberg since 2005, his previous works are: Kissing on the Mouth, LOL and Hannah Takes the Stairs.


Mattie and James are in love. But too many mornings and too many miles apart have taken a toll on them. As they struggle with the distance between New York and Chicago, their visits become reminders of the difficulties, not the pleasures, of their relationship. Joe Swanberg and Greta Gerwig follow Hannah Takes the Stairs with this intimate portrayal of longing and confusion. This time Swanberg co-stars with Gerwig, and Gerwig co-directs with Swanberg, creating a film that resonates deeply and leaves scars that fade but can’t heal.