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October 18, 2011

GUERRILLA FROM MAINSTREAM: Terranova uses painted #NERF guns as props

GUERRILLA FROM MAINSTREAM: Terranova uses painted #NERF guns as props

October 07, 2011

#BRAINGYM to stimulate the creative guerrilla mind

If you look for 3 minutes your brain will exercise zones that you usually don't exercise that often... #braingym

#BRAINGYM to stimulate the creative guerrilla mind

December 11, 2009

THE ULTIMATE GUERRILLA WORKSHOP. Guerrilla Film League: Class of 2010 is open for registration


Nine months ago, Javier and I were having some drinks with a few friends. Among the crowd there was this red hair aspiring filmmaker who asked this, the minute she learned that we were producers, "Would you recommend me to get into film school?" We hear that question a lot, so the answer was automatic, "If you have the money, film school is a way to get into the film world, but if you're going to get into a humongous debt to do it, our recommendation is that you get your hands on some money, find an experienced  producer, read some books, talk to some filmmakers and go shoot your first feature, that experience is as good as 2 years of film school, and you'll have a feature". She gave us that skeptic, but also familiar look, and said "Really?"

After that conversation we decided to create the Guerrilla Film League, and paradoxically, took us nine months to design the best way to do this...

Without further ado... we present you: Guerrilla Film League: Class of 2010...

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July 25, 2009

OPEN FIVE or how to make a movie out of donations!

If you don't know how Craig Brewer is... well, is the Director of the indie hit Hustle and Flow.
In this video he's recommending Team Picture, first feature of Kentucker Audley who is right know raising donations for his upcoming production OPEN FIVE.

I've been talking to the producer of the film Nick Case because ladies and gents I already sent my donation. I really trust Kentucker and Nick work and vision and this donation concept is so unique that I couldn't let it pass. They are looking for only $8.000 and they are half way through, so if you want to get involve, just click away!

They are also throwing a Fundraising Party next Thursday, if you are in the Memphis Area and you want have a blast while supporting OPEN FIVE, mark down Thursday July 30th at the prestigious Minglewood Hall starting at 7:00 PM with live music by STAR & MICEY + a Silent Auction of Memphis Items. Tickets go on sale Monday online or purchase at the door.

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December 01, 2008

PACK YOUR BAGS! tripfilms.com

Over a month ago, right before I started the crazyness with subHysteria, I met with Jamay Liu and Tony Cheng from Tripfilms.

The meeting took place in their unique office located in the east village: "Gramstand Cafe", a cute little place with full WiFi internet connection.  It allows the six people team from Tripfilms to use their place as headquarters.

Tripfilms is... I’ve to stop here, only to preface that something so avant-garde that does not have real competition is difficult yet easy to explain.  Trip Films is the ultimate video reference for the out of ordinary tourist.  For that person that is not only interested in the mainstream landmarks, but is also eager to extend their experience to those hidden and underrated places that are out of the flyers’ kiosk in every city hotel. They start every video with a "Travel Quote", no wonder their tagline is Travel Inspired, it couldn’t be better. I am one of those travelers that really enjoys to live my adventure as a local, and right now, I’ve to say, thanks to Tripfilms, it is really simple. The best thing is that you can find all the mainstream attractions and landmarks without leaving the site, also.

At this point you’re maybe asking yourself “Ok, nice. What this has to do with guerrilla filmmaking? Let me show you an excerpt of how they get their videos!

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September 30, 2008

SCREWING HOLLYWOOD. Exclusive interview with Jim Gillian, creator of the Brave New Theaters

Brave New Theaters (BNT) is the first distribution company powered by you and your network. Yes, there's no misunderstanding: you have always dreamed about opening your film in hundreds of screens internationally right? Well, BNT can give you the tools that you need to make this happen, and thanks to the generosity of Jim Gillian, creator of this great initiative, those tools are totally FREE!

Incredible? Maybe, but it's a reality. When I asked Jim what's in it for him, he answered without any hesitation. "For me? oh! I just want to screw Hollywood," and he's doing it.   When nobody wanted to talk about the war in Iraq he decided to self promote Robert Greenwald's film Uncovered.  He reached activists all over the country, and people who were interested in watching the film.  The result: a broad self-distribution and The Brave New Theaters.

This experience was repeated a couple of years later when nobody in Hollywood wanted to distribute his film Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price.  Walmart owns 40% of DVD sales in America, and, obviously, Hollywood wouldn't dare get involved.  Taking matters into his own hands, Jim turned to The Brave New Theaters for distribution.  This decision definitely payed off, with Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price screened throughout America with its apogee at 7,000 screenings in a week.

This interview is pure dynamite, and will open your mind to a new reality. Enjoy it!

Additional information about the Brave New Theaters in the next page.

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September 28, 2008

PROJECTOR FOR UNDER $100 (It could be free if you have the components)

I just saw one of these fully operational, it was a great experience. Definitely creativity has no limits.

I asked for the source and here you have, an amazing projector.

You need a LCD Flat Screen that's not in use, if you don't have one you can find it easily in craigslist.org for $50 or less. Ebay is a good place to get a used one too. You will also need an Overhead Projector, again I just saw one in craigslist for $45.

Watch the video, it's really simple to build.

Now, after watching the video you might have some questions...

How do you get the  show on?.How do you power the screen?
When you take apart the monitor, you're only removing the external case and the display screen that captures the picture.When you place the guts on the overhead projector you still have all your component inputs and cords attached to the display. You just plug everything back in as you normally would.

Do I really need the fan?
The projector operates by using light from a bulb (bottom portion of projector) projected through an object and the reflection projected by a mirror (top portion) on to a surface. The light produced is hot enough to damage the LCD. Combine that with the heat the LCD is putting out means definite toast. An external cooling device is needed to prevent overheating.

September 11, 2008

BECOME AN EXHIBITOR: Join the revolution, The Brave New Theaters

I am still in shock for this magnificent idea, I'm still processing how a guerrilla film can open in thousands of screens outside the system, and the answer is right there in front of our eyes: the people.

I need to interview these guys, I'm working on that, but in the meantime you can watch the video or reading The Pitch.

With the platform of The Brave New Theaters (TBNT), you can become an exhibitor, you can host a film party for you and your 8 friends in your living room, or you can go to your closest library and ask the director if they would be interested in projecting a movie for the community around your neighborhood.

Well, a lot of people did that, actually more than 7,000 so far. Right now, filmmakers have the chance to take destiny in their own hands thanks to this innovative way of distribution.

Stay tune I will bring more in depth information about  TBNT soon.

September 09, 2008

A JOURNEY INSIDE A JOURNEY: Exclusive interview with Sarah Fisher, director of documentary "Meditate and Destroy"

Buddhist Filmmaker Sarah Fisher shared her journey of four years to finish Meditate and Destroy about the journey of author of Dharma Punx, Noah Levine whom after a self-destructive adolescence of criminal activity and substance abuse, now teaches the path of Buddhism. A documentary about punk rock, spirituality and inner rebellion.

After reading Noah's book Dharma Punx, she felt that she needed to tell that story, so she contacted him to explore the possibility of doing a documentary about him, his response was "I've a book release party next Friday, bring your camera".

Sarah talks about her struggle as a guerrilla filmmaker and how sometimes you need to have a tough resolve, proving yourself again and again, about her DIY distribution strategy, about her disappointment in the festivals and the new ways of distribution.

Listen the interview right here.

If you want to learn about future screenings or simply support the film (They still need to clear the music rights, and that cost money), there are different ways, you can pick your favorite, through their website, facebook group, myspace page, follow them through twitter

You're broke and can help? not a problem if you go to Meditate and Destroy profile in Our Stage and become a fan of the film, they'll receive $4 and you will receive a free pass to see the movie during the month of September! Learn how to do this properly.

August 28, 2008

LET'S COME TOGETHER OR 18 COUPLES MAKE LOVE for a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

One of the greatest thing about blogging (In my case) is that my blog is my buddy, my companion, it's moody and don't have any organization, it's very organic. You can see what I have been up to any week just reading the topics of every entry. This week I'm researching on Guerrilla Marketing, while I was doing my research I bump into this recommendation "18 couples having sex" and I was mmmm, interesting let's check it out.

You may know at this point that sex sells, if not, ask yourself what are you reading this post if you never entered this blog before?, and if you're a fellow reader how much time took you, since you read the headline to click the video? even better, did you see the video first an now you're reading? Whatever the case might be, enjoy this viral video that shows how if you made something good you can be seen for more then 7 million people. Kudos to the European Film Commission and MEDIA.