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May 11, 2011


By @DanielaPeinado.  

When we have goals, t 48-Hour-Guerrilla-Film-Competition-poster-1 he only obstacle is ourselves. This time the Sarasota Film Society sets the challenge: write, shoot and edit a short film under 48 hours. The winner will get $5,000.

 The 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition is a grueling 2-day endurance event that taps the creative power of filmmakers from around the world to raise money for a global contest.”

There are no limits to participate in this competition. Students, amateurs, first-time filmmakers and industry pros might compete face to face in the same conditions: 48 hours to make a short film using the technology you prefer.


December 11, 2009

THE ULTIMATE GUERRILLA WORKSHOP. Guerrilla Film League: Class of 2010 is open for registration


Nine months ago, Javier and I were having some drinks with a few friends. Among the crowd there was this red hair aspiring filmmaker who asked this, the minute she learned that we were producers, "Would you recommend me to get into film school?" We hear that question a lot, so the answer was automatic, "If you have the money, film school is a way to get into the film world, but if you're going to get into a humongous debt to do it, our recommendation is that you get your hands on some money, find an experienced  producer, read some books, talk to some filmmakers and go shoot your first feature, that experience is as good as 2 years of film school, and you'll have a feature". She gave us that skeptic, but also familiar look, and said "Really?"

After that conversation we decided to create the Guerrilla Film League, and paradoxically, took us nine months to design the best way to do this...

Without further ado... we present you: Guerrilla Film League: Class of 2010...

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July 08, 2009

POWER TO THE PIXEL: cross-media film projects PITCH!


The Pixel Pitch is Power to the Pixel’s ground-breaking new pitching forum for up to ten of the best UK and international cross-media film projects.

We are looking for stories that can span film, TV, online, mobile and gaming to be presented to a select group of financiers, commissioners, tech companies, online portals and media companies in front of an audience of PTTP participants.

The selected project teams will compete for the 

Teams will benefit from significant international publicity and be introduced to new international business and partnership opportunities as well as one-to-one consultancies.

Last year’s Launch saw four cross-media projects presented to international companies including Babelgum, Sony Computer Entertainment, BBC, YouTube, MySpace, Amazon, Channel 4, UK Film Council, Arts Council of England, Tribeca Film Institute.

How to apply?

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May 06, 2009



Massify and Killer Films (Boys Don't Cry, Kids, Far From Heaven) have joined forces to create a provocative and humorous short film developed entirely through the Massify production network. At the forefront of independent cinema, Killer is looking for an outsider's story, the kind you don't normally hear about. But this project really belongs to you, because you're going to make it happen - from the concept, through production, cast, crew, and post - everything will be done by members of the Massify community. And before production begins, we need to find someone to take the reins. So if you're a filmmaker with a great story, pitch your concept now.

  •   If you're a director with a great idea, please submit the following:
  •   Title (30 characters max)
  •   Logline (160 characters max)
  •   Synopsis (4,000 characters max)
  •   Pitch Video (120 seconds max)
  •   Script (5-15 pages)

What is Massify?

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January 08, 2009

CRASH THE SUPER BOWL! Get to go to the Big Game while supporting a filmmaker


Ok here's the deal. This Supe Bowl, Doritos is giving people nationwide a chance to have their commercial aired during the Big Game. As an added bonus, they are giving away $ 1,000,000 if the spot takes #1 on the USA TODAY Ad Meter.

My friend Nic Chatfield was one of the filmmakers that submited his idea and now his spot "Power of the Crunch" is in the TOP 5, out of 1900 entries.

So why don't you vote for this spot, by the way, the funniest out of the 5 finalists.  remember the name is THE POWER OF THE CRUNCH, a power that can even get women naked and transform cops into monkeys!

Every vote is an entry for Super Bowl tickets (valued at $10k) and you can vote once per day till the 25th of January.

Vote everyday and spread the word!