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September 01, 2008

NO BUDGET, NO PROBLEM Independent Film Week.


The IFP brings again the Independent Film Week between September 14th and 19th in NYC. With dozens of panels but only a handful designed to the Guerrilla Film Community I feel that we need our own Guerrilla Film Week, so while I plan this GFW that could take quite some time I will leave you here with the three panels that I think could be helpful for the Guerrilla Filmmakers out there...

Niche Marketing Tools As an audience for films become more segmented, how do savvy distributors, marketing execs and publicists suggest independent filmmakers build buzz for niche films, particularly online and through the use of alternative new media technologies, before their films hit the marketplace.

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August 29, 2008


I think the success of Guerrilla Filmmaking (GF) it's always being in the word of mouth, now more than ever you need people committed to your concept, but how you do that? Where to start? GF is an organic process, you can create a blog for your film and make people participate, listen to their feedback, their ideas, make them part of the process, get them involve, then you will premiere your film and all those 1,000 fans will be at the theater the first weekend, for a Guerrilla Filmmaker that's priceless, in all the sense of the word, it means the world for the filmmaker and you don't have to spend a penny!

Enjoy the experts in building audiences in this two videos.

DIY DAYS LA - When the Audience Takes Control - panel

fund, create, distribute and sustain

August 09, 2008

I'D LOVE TO HAVE A DOLLY! Do it yourself for $45


I'm trying to pack this blog with a lot of DIY gadgets, this $45 Grip Dolly it's beautiful, really easy to make and can add some great shots to your film. I have to thank Liza Trainer, the creator of this little but so useful gadget for her great ability and vision.

What do you need?
- An Ironing board
- Some wood
- Guide wheels from a boat trailer
- Some screws and washers

Enjoy it!