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One-Line Bio

English is not my mother tongue so apologies in advance for any typo or something worse.


Leonard is an award-winning film and theater director with more than 15 years of experience in the industry.

Recent awards include - the prestigious Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors Award as Best Director for the play "An Empty Shoebox", where he shared the stage with Alfonso Cuaron and Alfred Molina (2004) and the International ACE Award for Best Foreign Production with the play "Feliz con mi Barranco " (2005).

In 2004, Leonard decided to focus on his rising film career in the United States. He produced the short films "Thou Shalt Not Dream", "December Plans", wrote "Como se mata uno" and wrote and directed "Blind Date", "The Manare Welder Project" and "434". His first documentary feature "Metralleta" was picked up for theatrical distribution in Venezuela for Amazonia Films and earned the Best Music Award in the "Festival de Cine de Merida" in 2007. Currently, the film is touring the festival circuit.

Leonard is a graduate of the distinguished "Escuela De Cine y TV" in Venezuela. He also attended the New York Film Academy and the American Film Institute.

He has been named one of the most promising directors by the Venezuelan tabloid "5to Dia".

This year he gives an in-depth interview to one of the most renowned newspapers in Venezuela, "El Universal", which include him in its Anniversary Edition.


Films, Theater, Sports, Video, New Technologies, Reading, Writing, Design, Food.