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June 17, 2010

Anti-BP Art Video Croudfunding

by Javier Perez-Karam

Guerrilla and independent film, have many times address social issues, global problems, local catastrophes. With the mess BP's Oil Spill has caused in gulf coast, many people has stand out, make small documentaries and reportage.

One project that is worth noticing (and just because I am making it) is Oil Splash, an anti BP art video to call the attention to the general feeling about the oil spill. The piece will stand together with the blog Help The Gulf, a place to keep people up to date on what can be and is being done to help in the affected areas.

The project is being financed through donations on Indiegogo.com, and has gotten attention from the people who run IndieGoGo's site as well as other crowdsourcers over Twitter and Facebook. In 13 days we have raised $1525 out of our $5585 goal. We have 17 more days to go! Contribute here!

Please visit the project's website http://indiegogo.com/Oil-Splash our follow us on twitter @OilSplash

We can use more donations and more word of mouth! Take the link and share it in you FB, Twitter, Blogs, add it to your email signature! Every bit helps.

Here is the pitch video

Perez-Karam is a film and video Director-Producer-Editor, and also writes his own personal blog http://perezkaram.blogspot.com/ where he explores film, TV, and media in general. You can also follow him on twitter @perezkaram