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February 13, 2009

Luis Cerezo's "C@staways" is ON

C@staways from Guerrilla-Filmmaking on Vimeo.

I decided not to write the review, that could influence people to watch it. Since is our first time as online exhibitor, I would like to see how the world of mouth is going to play out here. But believe me, since August 2008 we're been trying to find a movie like this and a director willing to allow us to experiment, so Luis, we're very thankful to you for allow us to do the Internet World Premiere of "C@staways".

I hope you enjoy the film, leave your comments, good or bad, and recommend the film to your friends if you like it and to your enemies if you don't.

More info about Luis Cerezo at http://www.luiscerezo.net

February 11, 2009

TO SHOOT GUERRILLA STYLE YOU NEED TO WRITE GUERRILLA SCRIPTS: Exclusive Interview with Luis Cerezo, director of C@staways

Trailer C@staways  from Luís Cerezo on Vimeo.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Luis Cerezo, a guerrilla filmmaker from Spain, inviting me to write a post about the internet release of his movie N@ufragos (C@staways). I told him, why you don't send me the movie and maybe I can write a review about it.

I saw the movie, it's so interesting that I offer him to show it through this blog, it's about a group of people that show their intimacy in the internet for money without realizing that they are about to lose control of their own lives. So this Friday the 13tht, for the first time, Guerrilla Filmmaking will air in exclusive, Luis Cerezo's film, only for 10 days. I'm writing the review that would be ready for the day of the premiere.

As part of this event I interviewed Luis and this is what he said about the process of doing this film with $40,000 and more than 100 locations:

GF: How you developed the idea of the film?

LC: I decided to make a film so I spent the whole summer writing a script that I didn't liked it. One night I went to my bed and I said to myself "you're gonna be here until you have a great idea". I start thinking about snuff movies, I imagine how would that be in real time, I imagine people getting together to do atrocities and people watching it online.

GF: How you convinced the talent and the crew to work for free?

LC: Oh! I offer to divide the profit of the film equally among everybody. The crew was conformed for recent graduates from film school, their experience was running around with coffee in biggest sets, so this was an opportunity to do something more challenging.

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August 04, 2008

IMPROVISING WITH ACTORS AND CREW: Exclusive Interview with Davíd Óskar Ólafsson, Producer of Country Wedding (Sveitabrúðkaup)

Watch the exclusive trailer with subtitles in English here.

1 Story, 7 Days, 17 Actors, 4 Cameras, 1 Committed Team, the result: Country Wedding. This Icelandic film was mostly improvised on location, was directed by Valdis Óskarsdóttir and produced by Elfar Aðalsteinsson,  Wouter Barendrecht, Hreinn Beck, Árni Filippusson, Jim Stark, Gudrun Edda Thorhanesdottir and Davíd Óskar Ólafsson.

The film premieres in Iceland on August 28th, there’s no release date yet in the U.S. The film is being repped by Fortissimo Films.

We had the pleasure to interview Davíd Óskar Ólafsson on how was his experience working in a tight schedule with a limited budget when pretty much everybody was improvising all the time.

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July 28, 2008

Valdís Óskarsdóttir shot Sveitabrúðkaup (Country Wedding) in 7 Days

423pxsveitabrudkaup Valdís Óskarsdóttir is one, if not the best, film editor from Iceland, having worked on films such as Dogme # 1: Festen (The Celebration), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (for which she won a Bafta award), Julian Donkey Boy and Mongol, she’s now one of the driving forces behind Iceland’s changing cinematic landscape.
Definitely working with unique filmmakers such as Michel Gondry, Anders Thomas Jensen and Thomas Vinterberg has gotten her infected with the directing bug, because this year, although pretty much unknown to everyone, she shot a feature film in seven days using four cameras all supervised by Cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle (28 Days Later, Mifunes sidste sang, The Last King of Scotland) and the cast made up of the Vesturport gang (Children, Parents and the upcoming Undercurrent).
I'm not quite sure if this is a Guerrilla Film, I don't have any idea how much the budget was, but there are a lot of people from the old Dogme Movement and was shot in one week, so that's enough for me to spread the word.

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